Below follows what other students, graduated doctors and university lecturers alike have to say about my lecture notes.

"Even God will thank you for everything you've done for us medical students."
       - Sujith (India)

"Your notes have restored my confidence in passing my exams."
       - Sunney (Hungary)

"I feel proud and honored to be one of the young minds you're helping to become great future doctors."
       - Polu (India)

"As a medical lecturer your notes are invaluable in my teachings."
       - Kimal (USA)

"I just can't imagine how it would be to study without your notes anymore."
       - Sara (Australia)

"Your notes are a fantastic revision tool."
       - Gauri (Australia)

"Your notes are simply amazing."
       - Swetha (Australia)

"I would have been completely lost without your concise and clear explanations."
       - Michael (Canada)

"Your notes have helped me immensely."
       - Patrice (Ireland)

"Your talent in filtering out the essence of a subject is truly astounding."
       - Jas (Czech Republic)

"Your notes have helped me understand all the basics."
       - Velmurugan (India)

"Your notes clarified everything I had problems getting my head around."
       - Heyman (Italy)

"Your notes made the difference in my studies."
       - Engelbert (Philippines)

"Your notes have helped me a lot when revising for my exams."
       - Meghna (India)

"Teachers should learn a thing or two from the way you write."
       - Wes (Singapore)

"I wish I had found your notes earlier so that I could have used them for my first semester exams as well."
       - Dahlia (Bahrain)

"I just can't wait to immerse myself in yet another set of your notes."
       - Heba (Jordan)

"The way you explain physiological and pathological processes is one of a kind."
       - Allen (Fiji)

"Your notes are put in an understandable language no book could ever come close to."
       - Ann (Poland)

"Without your notes I would never have passed my exams."
       - Darius (Hungary)

"The clarity and brevity of your notes have helped me tackle every single last subject."
       - Hardeep (Czech Republic)

"Your notes have been invaluable in my studies."
       - Troels (Denmark)

"You've probably saved my medical degree."
       - Doyonil (India)

"I don't have words for how much help your notes have been to."
       - Akhil (Hungary)

"Your notes cover absolutely everything that has confused me this whole year."
       - Tegan (South Africa)

"Your notes have been of immense help in my studies."
       - Omar (Romania)

"Your notes are the most consistent I've ever come across."
       - Shahram (Hungary)

"Your extensive work has given us first year students a great opportunity to start our studies in general medicine and dentistry off right."
       - Jan (Hungary)

"Studying from your notes has been a true pleasure."
       - Emma (Australia)

"Your generosity has saved us first year students a lot of time and anxiety."
       - Trishnee (Hungary)

"You truly and deeply understand what the medical profession is all about."
       - Therese (Hungary)

If you appreciate the work I've laid down in writing my exam notes, or simply want to show other students like yourself how the exam notes contained within these pages have helped you in your studies, please let me know. A simple sincere thank you is sometimes worth more than anything money could buy.