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Throughout your life there are several incidences that right then seem to be of no importance to you, but that later prove to shape your life in ways you couldn't possibly have imagined. In my case, my faith of providing you as English Program students with the highest possible quality exam notes was already sealed years before enrolling here at this medical school.

For as long as I had been a student in primary- and secondary school I had sporadically been writing notes that both me and my closest friends had been using for passing our exams. These notes were far from literature of excellence, but rather simple keywords jotted down on a piece of paper for us to more efficiently recapitulate what we were required to know.

As I finished secondary school and started to look back at the knowledge I had obtained from being a student, I came to realize that 95 percent of all the former knowledge had faded and become forgotten. A little bit stunned by this discovery I started to look through the heaps of notebooks collected throughout the years, only to realize that the only written evidence of my former knowledge worth keeping were those few pieces of paper that me and my friends had been using for passing our exams.

And as summer turned to fall I enrolled here at this medical school with the notion that the only way for my knowledge to be remembered would be to write it all down. The days of my first semester here at this medical school passed by, and my exam notes slowly came into shape.

Medical lecturenotes book covers written by Brynjar Bye.

However, this medical school presented me with quantities of information beyond my wildest imagination. Every day became a struggle to finish writing even the minimum of what was required to keep up to date, and slowly I begun to lose touch with the information currently presented in the lectures. In the middle of my first semester I had become so exhausted that I was about to put the pen down for good, and solely focus on passing my exams.

But then the strangest thing happened.

Even before I had finished writing my first set of exam notes, my fellow first year students started to take notice of what I was doing. Every single day people were coming to me asking for a copy of the exam notes I was currently writing, and before I knew it people were sitting next to me in the library studying the very exam notes I was putting the final touches on.

At the time of this peculiar incidence I didn't pay much attention to it. But as the demand for my exam notes continued to rise semester over semester, this incidence grew from being nothing more than a peculiarity to becomming a full blown catalyst in my continuing venture of providing you as English Program students with the highest possible quality exam notes.

Little did I know back then that I would end up writing exam notes in virtually every single major pre-clinical subject here at this unversity.

When I look back at my years here at this medical school writing my exam notes, I'm left with a very mixed feeling. Writing my exam notes ended up costing me more of my time, of my life, and of myself than I would ever have imagined on beforehand. My continuous strive for absolute perfection in every word I put down on paper forced my studies into the long hours of the night, and at several occations it forced my studies into the few weeks of vacation I had at my disposal each semester. With each passing semester I grew more and more isolated and more and more adverse to people, up to the point where I hardly could recognize myself anymore.

But in the end I'm very glad that I was able to keep up the writing for as long as I did. I have created a memory for life and preserved my knowledge for me to look back at whenever I would want to. And in the process of doing so I have established a COMPLETELY FREE baseline knowledge source for you as English Program students that is available for EVERYBODY studying here at this medical school - not only for the precious few with the right social connections.

If you appreciate the work I've laid down in writing my exam notes, please let me know. A simple sincere thank you is sometimes worth more than anything money could buy.

I hope that my exam notes will ease your studies here at this medical school, that they will give you the clarity you need to pass your exams, and that they will supply you with the knowledge you need to become the best possible medical doctors.

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Yours truly,

Signature of Brynjar Saunes Bye, M.D.