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During my seven years of medical school I never could grow accustomed to the thought of one day having to specialize, and, by default, having to narrow the scope of my medical knowledge. As a consequence of this aversion, my medical thesis originally was planned as a summary of the complete effects of age and disease on the human body. However, as I started creating the scaffold on which this thesis would be built, I quickly realized that it would have taken me another seven years to complete such a massive undertaking. As such, I suddenly found myself in dire need of taking my medical dissertation in a completely different and novel direction.

The result couldn't have fallen further from the tree...

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Review of hypnosis book cover written by Brynjar Bye.

A Short and Concise Review of Hypnosis in the Twenty-First Century
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I’ve always had a deep-seated fascination of the human mind and human cognition. As such, I used most of my vacations during my first couple of years of medical school reading up on the conscious and the unconscious ('subconscious') and the connections between these two. One of the topics that particularly captivated me was the idea of speaking directly to the unconscious mind - in effect the phenomenon of hypnosis. Though commonly available literature was rich on how to perform hypnosis, there was a suspicious lack of congruency as to how hypnosis works and on which diseases and states of mind hypnosis would truly be beneficial from a medical point of view.

With that in mind, I charged into partially unexplored territory with the goal of unravelling the mystery of hypnosis.

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