Basic Immunology Lecture Notes

My basic immunology exam notes were the first set of basic immunology exam notes here at this medical school that provided a FIRM BASIC UNDERSTANDING of immunology as a science, and put the deeper material of the subject into much needed context. The basic immunology exam notes previously written by other talented students here at this medical school were almost completely devoid of this basic understanding, and this rendered the deeper material contained within their pages almost completely useless for the average medical student. Though the basic knowledge of my basic immunology exam notes were incorporated at the cost of some of the deeper knowledge, this set of exam notes has already rendered several honorary students depicted on the walls of the immunology department.

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Immunology book cover written by Brynjar Bye.

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By the time I picked up my pencil to start writing the immunology exam notes I was on the verge of a complete psychological breakdown. The constant pressure of always having to write unparalleled exam notes in every single last major subject I was undertaking had worn me down to a shadow of myself, and at times the pencil would hardly move across the paper on which I was writing. This resulted in the 5 last questions of this set of exam notes never being written, and at several occations I was seriously considering not even appearing at the exam. However, I pulled myself together and passed the exam with dignity, and mere days later I was on my way back home to Norway. I remained in Norway for the following couple of semesters until I had regenerated sufficiently to continue my studies here at this medical school. The immunology exam notes are still one of the most cherished immunology exam notes here at this medical school, but they came to be at a much greater cost than anyone could ever have imagined on beforehand.

The original copy of these exam notes bore the following words on its cover page:

"So tired I lay down these memories,
I breathe shallow deep inside of me,
time has run its course with me...
...I'm ready to go home."

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