Biophysics Lecture Notes

My biophysics exam notes were the first COMPLETE set of biophysics exam notes here at this medical school. Many students before me had tried to finish writing it, but most gave up approximately halfway through the first semester adding only a question or two to the exam notes they themselves had used. Writing the biophysics exam notes was the most time consuming work during my first semester, mostly due to the lack of structure and integrity of the ridiculous biophysics "blue book". I hope you all will burn the "blue book" after you pass your biophysics exams.

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First semester biophysics book cover written by Brynjar Bye.

Biophysics, 1st Semester
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The first semester biophysics contained nothing but deduction of formulas. As a prior Norwegian student with a firm base in standard scientific nomenclature I refused to accept the half-assed approach to deduction and the ever changing nomenclature presented by the biophysics department. My first semester exam notes were the first set of biophysics first semester exam notes with PROPERLY deducted formulas and PROPER standard scientific nomenclature.

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Second semester biophysics book cover.

Biophysics, 2nd Semester
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The second semester exam notes were a lot easier to write, primarily because of the deduction of formulas becoming largely replaced by alternate interpretations of biology and physiology. Compared to the first semester exam notes, writing the second semester exam notes was a walk in the park.

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