Chasing Tail

This past half a year has been quite the uphill struggle! I've constantly felt two beats off from where I've needed to be, both in respect to my profession, my family life, and my personal endeavors. But I've kept on grinding, and am finally eying the light at the end of this tunnel.

However, though my absence here at has been palpable, I haven't been sitting still. Far from it!

During the last six months, I've created an introductory seminar on the diagnostic screening of mental disorders that has already been incorporated into the regional training of medical doctors new to the field of psychiatry. I've been actively participating in the development of the graphical user interface of the BittBoy PocketGo retro portable gaming device, and added these interface design elements to a brand new Pixel Artist section in My Artist Portfolio here at this web site. And, finally, I've updated both my online CV and my downloadable CV to reflect these recent advances.

And being on the cusp of my first real summer vacation since the advent of the pandemic, time is hopefully finally on my side for putting the finishing touches on a mother lode of updates just begging to be released.

Let's get crackin'!

Icons for the official CFW of the BittBoy PocketGo handheld game console.