Listening to the needs of the less Mac-savvy of you, Hardcover 1.3 now finally comes as an easy to use installer package.

No more, no less!

New in Hardcover 1.3:
- Added installer for easier installation of Hardcover.

Mac OS X installer package.

Impossible Conditions

Programming Hardcover 1.2 was a challenge that in the end proved to be unsurmountable. The newest version of Hardcover was all but ready to ship with complete interactive controls for adjusting both the jewel case and the frequency spectrum when I discovered that Hardcover refused to listen to the commands given when run as a visualizer in iTunes. After scouring the ass of the internet it became clear that Apple has silently dropped support for user input to Quartz Composer visualizers in newer versions of iTunes. As such, the superfluous code was removed returning Hardcover to status quo.

On a brighter note, 'Hardcover [Classic]' is back in the mix after repeated requests from you guys. Version 1.2 also brings bragging rights to glossy new icons for both 'Hardcover [Classic]' and 'Hardcover [Advanced]'.

Get the party started!

New in Hardcover 1.2:
- Added (and successively removed) keyboard controls for toggling the sound-activated frequency spectrum on/off as well as controlling the speed of rotation of the jewel case, as Apple apparently has dropped support for keyboard input to Quartz Composer visualizers in newer versions of iTunes.
- Brought back the original 'Hardcover [Classic]' visualizer on popular demand.
- Added file icons (Once again, thanks to Jacob Knegtel and his awesome 'Aurora' and 'Euphoria' Photoshop brushes).

Hardcover application icon by Michal Vyroubal.


With version 1.1, Hardcover brings on its 'A' game with its biggest visual changes to date. Hardcover now automatically adds dynamic custom-designed album artwork to those tracks in your iTunes library still missing their own. Furthermore, Hardcover now also sports a sweet high-intensity frequency spectrum in the background beating with the pulse of your music.

Seeing is believing!

New in Hardcover 1.1:
- Added custom placeholder inlay for tracks missing album cover art (Thanks to Jacob Knegtel and his awesome 'Aurora' Photoshop brushes).
- Added sound-activated frequency spectrum behind the jewel case (Based heavily on Apple Inc.'s awesome 'Club Lisa').
- Refined size and position of the track information.

Custom album art for Hardcover by Jacob Knegtel.


Hardcover is rapidly moving upwards, and has already reached its official 1.0 release. Most prominent with this update is perhaps the name change to 'Hardcover' (from 'Hardcase'). However, this is far from the only change as most of the work has been done under the hood adjusting or completely revamping almost every single element of the visualizer for a considerably more rounded and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Enjoy the view!

New in Hardcover 1.0:
- Changed name of visualizer to 'Hardcover' (was 'Hardcase').
- Adjusted size and position of the jewel case.
- Adjusted size and position of the album cover inlays.
- Adjusted size and position of the track information.
- Added drop-shadows to the track information.
- Fixed bug that caused the jewel case to disappear when no song was active.


Call me old fashioned, but I still love rocking out to music visualizers. Visualizers give me a new dimension of music, and substantially deepens my appreciation of it’s beats and harmonies. My crappy old Windows PC still is pumping out sick beats through XMPlay and Søren Holstebroe’s awesome Acidspunk, and my Mac still shines with iTunes and Apple’s own iTunes Classic Visualizer. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good new visualizers for iTunes as the music appreciation is rapidly moving from the Mac to iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs.

So I went ahead and made the iTunes visualizer I always wanted.

Hardcase takes the album cover art of the current track you're listening to and inserts it into a high quality better-than-life rotating CD jewel case. It’s a simple and aesthetic way of giving your music new life with a serious touch of nostalgia.

I have big plans for Hardcase in the months to come, and already have several major updates virtually ready for deployment as I successively iron out last minute dust and scratches.

Touch your music!

New in Hardcase 0.9:
- Proof of concept release (Suggestions and bugs are welcome).

Color Your World

And what would the new year be without a fresh update of Hypnotize? New in version 1.5 are some minor bug fixes as well as following suit of Functional by dressing up in brightly colored icons by default.

Sorry, no beige!

New in Hypnotize 1.5:
- Fixed bug that sometimes would interfere with the shutdown process when running the frontmost application in fullscreen.
- Brightly colored icons is now the default icon set of Hypnotize.

Optional Hypnotize icons.