One Step Back.

Things around here has slowed to a crawl as of late. This has been far from a voluntary decision, but rather a natural evolution of my personal- and spiritual journey throughout South-East Asia earlier this year. During the majority of the summer and fall, I’ve focused on the more tangible things in my own life. As a most visual step in this process, I’ve now moved away from my childhood farm for the second time in my life, and am now working as a medical doctor in Oslo, my country’s main capital. For the time being I will be focusing on my new life here...

...but will prevail! And it will continue to serve the same high quality study material it always has provided to new generations of medical students!

I will, of course, check in from time to time whenever I find the time. And my mailbox is always open to you if you want to share your thoughts or your study progress with me. I read every letter, and am always grateful for all the wonderful words I receive from you.

See you around!

Yours truly,
Signature of Brynjar Saunes Bye, M.D.

Two Steps Forwards...

I’ve finally arrived back in my home town after the travel of a lifetime. Before I left I promised you a revolution here at However, my travel became of quite a different character than initially planned. It became a travel of personal cultivation and spiritual enlightenment, and my character has developed substantially throughout the past three months. It has contributed to some of the best memories of my life, and has been a truly rewarding experience!

This doesn’t mean that I have forgotten about my initial promise! The development of new study material is still moving along steadily, though at a much slower pace than previously anticipated. Stay patient, and you will be rewarded tenfolds!


During my travels throughout South-East Asia I’ve finally found both the time and the opportunity to fulfill a 20 year old dream: Becoming a certified PADI scuba diver! I’ve now updated my CV to reflect this brand new acquired skill, as well as elaborating on several other achievements accomplished throughout the course of the past year.

So, for those of you specially interested, go check it out!

Famous Last Words

Last April I posted a teaser about a forthcoming major content update here at Well, it’s finally happening! As of yesterday I temporarily have taken a leave of absence as a general practician, and tomorrow I will be sitting on the first plane to South-East Asia to start my work on the next generation of teaching materials for medical, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing students.

Why Asia? Because I can Laugh

Sadly this also means that there will be an absolute minimum of updates here at this web site in the months to come. However, as I have primarily focused on updating my Mac applications as of late, it is primarily my fellow Mac users who will suffer the most from the adventures I now am packing my bags for.

This content update will be considerably more monumental than one single person can undertake alone (and this is coming from the person who wrote lecture notes in virtually every single last required basic and preclinical medical science on his very own(!)). As such, I will continuously be calling upon you as my students if and when your assistance in making the world a better place will be needed.

So if you are interested in earning some money while studying medicine, keep an eye on this news bulletin in the weeks and months to come!

See you on the other side...

Game On!

ROMlaunch is today celebrating it’s 1.5th release, and is now smarter than ever! Version 1.5 of ROMlaunch now will poke around at alternative places for it’s respective emulators if the emulators, for some reason, aren’t located directly in your Applications folder. The new release also introduces a brand new '.scumm' extension for all your ScummVM game shortcuts.


New in This Version:
- All the game launchers now look for their respective emulators at multiple possible logical locations within the 'Applications' folder.
- 'Create ScummVM Game Shortcut' now looks for 'ROMlaunch SCUMM' at multiple possible logical locations within the 'Applications' folder.
- 'Create ScummVM Game Shortcut' now creates shortcuts with the brand new '.scumm' extension.
- 'Create ScummVM Game Shortcut' now tries to automatically hide the '.scumm' extension upon shortcut creation.
- 'ROMlaunch SCUMM' now only accepts shortcuts with either the '.scumm' or the '.txt' extension.
- Launch command passed from 'ROMlaunch J2ME' to mpowerplayer has been corrected in line with mpowerplayer's most recent release.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Obscurity is stepping up the camouflage with a brand new release. Version 1.3 of Obscurity has learned a couple of new tricks in 2013 further obscuring it’s character in front of curious eyes.

New in This Version:
- Finder now displays Obscurity as a 'folder' if inspected with 'Quick Look'.
- All reference to 'Obscurity' now is removed from the path of the mock folder, obviously provided you change the name of the application itself to something less conspicuous.


Hypnotize is updated to version 1.2 with several minor bug fixes. Download it and put your Mac properly to sleep tonight.

New in This Version:
- Hypnotize now activates properly the first time it is downloaded.
- The code of Hypnotize has been cleaned up and inactive code removed.


The new year here at kicks off with a massive refresh of ROMlaunch. With this update, ROMlaunch is entering the good company of my other applications, and is being made completely open-source for you to tinker with. Amongst other goodies in version 1.4, ROMlaunch now also finally adds custom icons to associated games.

Go play!

New in This Version:
- ROMlaunch now is open-source, and is published under a 'Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License'.
- The game launchers now all register correctly with Finder as unique separate applications.
- The game launchers are now listed, and can easily be selected, as viable alternatives in the 'Open with:' drop down menu of the 'Get Info' window for their respective supported games.
- Supported games now automatically associate with their respective game launchers if they have yet to be associated with another viable application.
- The respective game launchers now only accept and process games that are supported.
- Finder now displays the correct information in the 'Get Info' and 'Quick Look' windows for each separate game launcher.
- Finder now displays the correct information in the 'Get info' and 'Quick Look' windows for all games associated with their respective game launchers.
- Custom game document icons have been created for each separate game launcher.
- Game document icons are now automatically added to supported games upon association with their respective game launchers.

ROMlaunch document icon.

Happy New Year!

Oh, and happy utterly belated (for obvious reasons) new year! Laugh This will be an awesome one - I promise you!

Calling on YOU!

As consequence of’s recent 10 day stay in tele-hell, the web site has plunged on the search results of most popular search engines. On Google alone my web site has long throned unchallenged at the top of common searches such as 'free *subject* notes', '*subject* lecture notes' and '*subject* exam notes’. Its recent absence has not merely resulted in an offset in the search results, but rather wiped the entire web site off of the face of Google.

This makes me very sad as it effectively prevents uninitiated medical students from all the free knowledge contained within these pages. As such, I am calling upon you as my loyal followers to help undo this wrongdoing!

If you have used my exam notes on your way to become a medical doctor or enjoy the other free stuff I have published on, please mention it in class, share it with your friends, post it on your social profile, or publish it in your blog.

Your help DOES matter, and together we can rectify this wrong!

Call on Me!

The transient problem with the contact form here at has now been fixed!

So for any questions, suggestions or kind words, the hotline is, once again, available and ready to receive your call.

Devastating Downtime!

During the morning of January 3., the server on which has been located was shut down. The server retirement was completely unannounced, and, as such, it took many days before I got to the conclusion that the downtime was something more devastating than simple server maintenance.

My web hosting service has eventually installed a brand new up to date highly secure server, and the web site was finally migrated there yesterday. The name and address of the web site will, of course, remain the same, and this change will only be experienced by you as faster load times, quicker downloads and less downtime in the future.

I have now spent most of today curing the infantile diseases appearing during the migration of the web site, most importantly the downloads should now be readily available again. As of the current moment only the contact form is out of order, but I assume that you will manage fine without contacting me during the remainder of the week. Hopefully it will be up running again within the next couple of days.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Yours truly,
Signed Brynjar Saunes Bye, M.D.