20 Years of Service

This fall marks 20 years since I put the first words of my lecture notes down on paper. If you would have told the 20 year old me that those very notes would still be put to good use 20 years later, I would have assumed you to be delusional. And, to be honest, I still find this fact hard to comprehend to this very day.

To put it into perspective, some of you medical students studying from my lecture notes at this very moment were not born when they first were written, and that is just plain absurd to think about!

So thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have used my notes in the past or are currently putting my notes to good use, to all of you who have re-written my notes by hand or by computer, and to all of you who have made my notes your own or keep on updating my lecture notes with the most recent advances in the field of medicine...

...Thank you for proving the 20 year younger me wrong!

20 years of service.

On Your Own

Since time continues to be a sparse commodity for me, I've decided to release the icon design template for Yosemite Disks to the public. I'm therefore relieved to release version 1.3 of Yosemite Disks, adding the base Photoshop PSD-file for you to design any custom hard disk icon you need for your particular storage setup.

The power is yours!

New in Yosemite Disks 1.3:
- Added the base icon design Photoshop PSD-file for making your very own Yosemite Disks custom icons.


And as the paradox of my specialization in general medicine is starting to sink in, I've updated my business card and my CV to reflect these recent professional milestones. The updates are now available for download at the very bottom of the on-site CV here at Mednotes.net.

Man, this new business card is making me feel ancient! I might as well just start planning my tombstone while I'm at it Laugh

Brynjar Saunes Bye, M.D., Clinical Family Medicine Specialist.


On a fundamental personal level, I've always despised the idea of having to specialize my medical degree. To me, and only to me, specializing never felt like further academic ascension, but rather a descent into a deep dark proverbial valley from which I would lose sight of the collective medical sciences as a whole.

Considering my adequate manual dexterity, I dabbled with the thought of specializing within the field of surgery more than a dozen times both during my studies and after graduating. But somehow I never really could seem to shake the feeling of loosing more than I potentially would gain from such a venture.

As such, I'm grateful to announce that I've finally obtained my specialty title in the broadest and most ubiquitous field available to us medical doctors:

Specialist in Clinical Family Medicine!

Certified clinical family medicine specialist.

...When You're Having Fun

Time keeps on thundering past me like a never-ending cargo train showing little or no sign of slowing down. Though I've become quite adept at filling the railcars as they pass me by, an opening for very much else seems to be eluding me.

During the past half year I've finished up my engagement at the department of psychiatry, further strengthening my candidacy for a dual specialization. My family and I have yet again said goodbye to the farm of my childhood years, and moved back into our apartment by the waterfalls in the main capital. I've recommenced my previous job as a general practician for the students, teachers and professors within higher education. My specialization in general medicine is complete with next to zero effort, and is now pending approval. SARS-CoV-2 finally managed to find its way into the household, and lingered for a while before vacating the premises. My work on the BittBoy PocketGo operating system is done as far as I'm concerned, and the entire Pixel Artist section here at Mednotes.net has been updated with a cross section of my contributions. And finally, after two long years, I'm back where I truly belong: The gym!

Now, where did I leave that creative spark of mine?! I'm almost certain I saw it around here somewhere! Laugh

Chasing Tail

This past half a year has been quite the uphill struggle! I've constantly felt two beats off from where I've needed to be, both in respect to my profession, my family life, and my personal endeavors. But I've kept on grinding, and am finally eying the light at the end of this tunnel.

However, though my absence here at Mednotes.net has been palpable, I haven't been sitting still. Far from it!

During the last six months, I've created an introductory seminar on the diagnostic screening of mental disorders that has already been incorporated into the regional training of medical doctors new to the field of psychiatry. I've been actively participating in the development of the graphical user interface of the BittBoy PocketGo retro portable gaming device, and added these interface design elements to a brand new Pixel Artist section in My Artist Portfolio here at this web site. And, finally, I've updated both my online CV and my downloadable CV to reflect these recent advances.

And being on the cusp of my first real summer vacation since the advent of the pandemic, time is hopefully finally on my side for putting the finishing touches on a mother lode of updates just begging to be released.

Let's get crackin'!

Icons for the official CFW of the BittBoy PocketGo handheld game console.

Eyes Wide Open

Keeping in line with my other applications, Yosemite Disks 1.2 adds an alternate series of high contrast hard disk icons catering to the needs of the visually impaired.

You see?!

New in Yosemite Disks 1.2:
- Added optional high contrast icons for the visually impaired.

Read All About it!

When unveiling the News section here at Mednotes.net almost a decade ago, I envisioned it as no more than an auxiliary tool for my exam notes, with expectancies of quite a limited shelf-life. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the News section would end up becoming the central hub for everything I have dedicated my life to, even less that the News section would reach a 100 distinct news stories - as is the case today. That equals a steady flow of one update every month, every year, consistently for the past 8 years!

Through the News section I have shared my setbacks, and my progresses in life with you. I have shared my thesis, and my exam notes with you. I have shared my applications for the Mac OS operating systems, and my complete artist portfolio with you. And I'm far from done!

I will continue sharing for as long as there is life left in me!

Here's to the next 100 news stories!

When Life Gives You Lemons...

The current calendar year has so far proven quite the challenge for most of us. Having our autonomy partially revoked is not something new in human history, but is regardless never something we can sufficiently prepare for nor necessarily react beneficially to.
This seemingly never-ending torrent of curveballs forced me to take a step back and truly observe the repercussions in my own life, and how, if possible, to hit them all out of the park in one single blow. And, after an intense couple of months, I believe I have acquired a complete set of home runs.
During the summer, me and my family have moved back to the farm on my childhood island on the west coast of Norway, far away from the epicentre of SARS-CoV-2. My own parents have stepped up to the plate when it comes to the daily needs of my son whenever I'm not available. My wife has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. And I have commenced work at the hospital on the mainland, both finalizing my current specialization as well as serving as a possible entryway to a dual specialization.
And, as all these monumental life changes are beginning to settle, I'm slowly getting back at the helm at Mednotes.net. So prepare for some awesome new updates here at this web site in the coming months Happy
...Make lemonade!

Backing Up

As previously promised, Yosemite Disks 1.1 brings five new custom icons with focus on hard disk content. Everything from your Time Machine backups to your most precious documents have been carefully illustrated in line with the user interface redesign of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. If you have ideas for new icon designs you would like to see, feel free to drop me a line.


New in Yosemite Disks 1.1:
- Added 'Time Machine HD', 'Backup HD', 'Documents HD', 'Scratch HD' and 'Girlfriend HD' icons.
- Changed name of 'Base HD' to 'Yosemite HD'.

More custom hard disk icons for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and newer.