Area Secured

Christmas comes early this year with the launch of Functional 1.4. New in this version is a brand new 'Lock' application to securely lock your Mac whenever leaving the desk for a while. This function stands out from a standard logout by keeping all your programs working in the background while locked and saving you from the hassle of re-opening all of them when unlocking your Mac again.

Functional now also sports brightly colored icons by default.

Stay safe!

New in Functional 1.4:
- Added brand new 'Lock' application for locking your Mac's screen while keeping your user logged in and open applications running (Thanks to Franklin Marder for the heads up).
- Fixed bug that sometimes would interfere with the shutdown process when running the frontmost application in fullscreen.
- Brightly colored icons is now the default icon set of Functional.

Lock for Mac OS X.

Sex and Pain

By popular request, I’ve just uploaded two of my more acclaimed presentations here at

The first presentation is on the topic of Teens and Sex, and is written as a whole-day program for the sexual education of pupils attending secondary school.

The second presentation is on the topic of Chronic Pain Disorders, and is written for the education of patients suffering from pain syndromes as well as for the continued education of health personnel treating these conditions.

Sadly, both these presentations are written exclusively in Norwegian, but I once heard that sex is the best way to learn a new language... (sorry, couldn’t help it) Laugh

Slide shows on sex and pain.


And speaking of pulling myself together, I’ve also finally taken the time to write the introduction to my medical thesis on the state of hypnosis in the twenty-first century.

Whether you are interested in hypnosis or not, the medical consensus (or lack thereof) on the phenomenon will blow your mind away and definitely make you a believer. At least it did with me throughout the 10 months I used to research and write the dissertation.

Open for Business

After more than 2 years I’ve pulled myself together and uploaded my business card here at Not really all that newsworthy, except for the 1000-or-so of you who have requested a copy the past couple of years.

So for those interested, feel free to grab a card at the very bottom of the on-site CV.

Business card of Brynjar Bye.

Game Changer

From the very beginning, Hypnotize was written under the (mis)assumption that most of you would be using it in conjunction with Apple’s own Safari, QuickTime, iTunes and Front Row for entertainment purposes. Though this is still true for the majority of you, many of you always have and still default to third party applications. Unexpected delays due to heavy processor load from some of these applications would sometimes cause Hypnotize to be on the irritatingly safe side and halt the shutdown process unnecessarily...

...until now, that is!

Hypnotize 1.4 now uses an advanced new shutdown algorithm to safely quit all applications (including those pesky 'open tabs warnings' of your web browser), while keeping all your unsaved documents safe. As such, Hypnotize now fulfills it’s duty every time, regardless of your web browser, media player and media center preference.

And in the same vein as Functional, Hypnotize now also comes with matching brightly colored icons for those in want and those in need.

The choice is yours!

New in Hypnotize 1.4:
- Hypnotize now supports all major web browsers, media players and media centers.
- Fixed bug that sometimes would cause Finder to reopen windows when logging back in on Mac OS 10.7 Lion or newer.
- Optional brightly colored icons have been added for the visually impaired.

Quick Fix

Functional has just been promoted to version 1.3 by sorting out some minor nuisances that recently have come to my attention.

Keep on buggin’!

New in Functional 1.3:
- Fixed bug that caused Safari to quit when putting the computer to sleep.
- Fixed bug that sometimes would cause Finder to reopen windows when logging back in on Mac OS 10.7 Lion or newer.

New Sheep's Clothing

With the complete redesign of Mac OS X ushered in by OS X 10.10 Yosemite, the need arises to devise fresh camouflage for Obscurity. With version 1.5, Obscurity now looks, walks and talks just like a OS X Yosemite folder. Included with this update is also all previous Mac OS X default folder icon designs for those of us still using Obscurity on OS X iterations of the past.

Stay hidden in plain sight!

New in Obscurity 1.5:
- Obscurity now disguises as a Mac OS X Yosemite folder by default.
- Alternative default folder icons for Mac OS X Cheetah (10.0-10.4), Leopard (10.5-10.9), and Yosemite (10.10) have been added for use on their respective Mac OS X iterations.

Mac OS X folder icons.


Ever since first saw the light of day just over 7 years ago, its design has remained virtually untouched. And, even though its 'Web 2.0'-inspired appearance retrospectively might have been a little overdone, its looks has stood the test of time with excellence - if I may say so myself Winking

So to celebrate the web site’s 7th birthday, I've given its first complete facelift. During the course of the past week I’ve retouched or completely redone every single major graphical element for a more contemporary appearance.

Most prominently, now sports the bragging rights to a brand new logo. The logo represents 2 leaves of lime green and bondi blue budding from the tree of knowledge. Originally this was a design concept for the English-German Student Council of Pécs Medical School back in the day, but, due to me graduating from the university, it never saw the light of day - until now, that is!

So, sit back, and enjoy the view!

Brand new logo.

Donations Down

And to mark the 500,000 celebration here at even further, I’m officially removing the donation button from the sidebar.

This doesn’t mean that isn’t still depending on your gifts to stay online, and you are still able to donate by clicking 'Thank Me' on the right-hand side of the download link of every set of lecture notes you download.

Your generosity is truly appreciated!

500-Thousand Thanks!

Earlier today, officially made history as it’s 500,000th medical compendium was distributed from this web site.

Almost on the day 7 years ago, the first set of lecture notes was uploaded to, and, during their first year online, a massive 15,000 copies were downloaded. That was a number that completely blew me away back then, and continued to fuel my strive to provide you with the best possible study materials for many years to come.

Since then, the demand for these pieces of digitalized paper have increased almost logarithmically year after year, and, last year alone, more than 150,000 copies were requested by students all over the world. That is a net increase of more than 10 times since their first year available, and a yearly volume burying most mainstream medical textbooks.

It continues to amaze me how all you students continue to put my works to excellent use, and I appreciate every single one of the letters I receive from you with your success stories.

You are the true stars in this fairytale!

500,000 medical textbooks requested.

And Finally!

To top it off, ROMlaunch has been updated to version 1.6 to give those of you with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer something to play with. And what would a brand new release of ROMlaunch be without a fresh redesign of the game document icons?

Play hard!

New in ROMlaunch 1.6:
- ROMlaunch now supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer with 'Gatekeeper' disabled.
- The game document icons have been redesigned for a fresher appearance.

Redesigned ROMlaunch document icon.

Not to Forget

And with that being said, I’ve updated Obscurity to support Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer with 'Gatekeeper' disabled.

New in Obscurity 1.4:
- Obscurity now supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer with 'Gatekeeper' disabled.
- Fixed bug that prevented the renaming of the mock folder when renaming Obscurity itself on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer.

So it Continues...

Functional joins the party with support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer. Furthermore, the most commonly requested feature for Functional has been visual segregation for the visually impaired. So, without further ado, I’ve added optional brightly colored icons for those of you in need.

New in Functional 1.2:
- Functional now supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer with 'Gatekeeper' disabled.
- Optional brightly colored icons have been added for the visually impaired.

Optional Functional icons.

Unidentified Developer

After a lot of pressure from my girlfriend, I’ve caved in and updated Hypnotize to finally support Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer. As my current system configuration won’t allow me to sign Hypnotize as an 'identified developer', you have to disable 'Gatekeeper' in order for Hypnotize to do it’s magic.

But not to worry! A new Mac is on the wish list for this fall...

New in Hypnotize 1.3:
- Hypnotize now supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer with 'Gatekeeper' disabled.
- Fixed bug that caused the shut down process to halt at the Hypnotize dialog on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer.